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I hope, if this is your first visit to this section of, that you will find it not only interesting but helpful to a healthier happier life.  For those who have already visited, you will notice several changes especially with the new title.  It was listed as Games, but only because what you will read and see is in a game format, however Bio-Feedback is more appropriate and so I hope you will come to understand why the name was changed.  Thank you as always for stopping by and feel free to return as often as you desire and most of all tell your friends.

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Totally New Concept. For those of you who are gamers, individuals who love to play all computer, video, and hand held games here is something totally new.  This game is unlike any you have ever played before.  It is a totally different type of technology and one that is and can be extremely beneficial to your personal life.  Unlike any other game you have played before with some form of manual controllers that requires physical action this game works by and through Bio Feedback.  It's easy to push buttons and test your skills to see how quickly you can complete the game or high your score is, but after you are finished what personal benefits have you gained from having won.

More Than Just A Game.  With life constantly changing and your daily challenges maybe a little less desirable than what you would expect, what if you could play a game by using your body without being able to push any buttons.  What if you have to concentrate by quieting your mind,  breathing a specific way and learning to just slow down and making it happen through thought. Impossible you say, but not so because now there is such a game.  As a matter of fact there are now two in the series available. Once you have become involved you will start to notice a relaxed peaceful sense of well being start to take hold.  The scenes are spectacular and the music adds a sense of tranquility as you participate and participate you must in order to move on to the next area.

The Journey To Wild Divine. Today more than ever, one needs to slow down and just relax from the stress of everyday life.  The World will continue to go about its usual tasks with or without your help and being stressed out doesn't help to make it a better place.  So much of our daily life depends on our having to always accomplish some thing.  Here is a perfect opportunity to settle back and relax even if for only a few hours and test your skills with The Journey To Wild Divine.  The end results are truly amazing, not only do you feel more relaxed but you actually find yourself becoming involved in helping your body to accomplish the tasks required while being involved with the game.  The medical profession is finding that Biofeedback has been scientifically proven to have a powerful, positive effect on your emotional and physical well-being by teaching you to alter your brain activity, blood pressure, muscle tension, heart rate and other critical bodily functions.  You owe it to your well being just to take a look.


Mind-Body Matters

Mind-Body Matters:  Using your mind to improve your health Biofeedback is helpful for a wide variety of medical conditions. Discover who it's for and how it's used, directly from the Mayo Clinic. Have you ever wished you could simply will your symptoms to disappear? With biofeedback you may be able to rely less on medication and more on the power of your mind.  More


As you can see this site is dedicated to directing you towards a healthier living style.  It is our hope that if you decide to become involved with The Wild Divine it will help you to cope with stress as well as promoting emotional wellness.  You see, each day is a new day and one with many challenges, if through Bio-Feedback you can alter your mind and body connection by becoming involved with this incredible game you will release the stress, learn to cope with stress and promote natural healing.

Take the challenge, I truly believe you will be quite surprised at the results.  My personal desire and wish is that young people would take the time to become involved with this game.  Below you will find a recent article regarding how biofeedback helps children reduce or eliminate conventional medication while treating ADHD. There is way to much violence as we observe every day and unfortunately as much fun the other types of electronic games might be, they are not promoting wellness, healing, and so much more.  I sincerely feel that once you become involved with this incredible and most amazing game you will return to it as often if not more than the shootem up blowem apart action type.  I really feel those games help to make one more hyper and we have more than our share of hypertension.  So again take the challenge, it is simple to push buttons but more challenging to work with your breathing, heart, and mind.


"Biofeedback Enhances ADHD Treatments"

- By Sid Kirchheimer
Special from WebMD

Read about how biofeedback therapy helps children reduce or eliminate conventional medication while treating ADHD. How amazing it would be to help the numerous amounts of kids to get off the commonly prescribed Ritalin.

Biofeedback, a therapy in which patients are taught to control physiologic functions such as heart rate, muscle tension, and even their brain waves, is emerging as an effective treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). And new research suggests that it may be especially beneficial to patients who can't tolerate or don't benefit from often-used stimulant medications.


Wild Divine Content

Different Methods of Anxiety Treatment

There are many different types of anxiety disorders, each of which requires a specific anxiety treatment. Some of the different types that commonly affect a large number of people include:

panic disorder
obsessive-compulsive disorder
generalized anxiety disorder
social anxiety
phobias of different items, situations, and locations

There is no one anxiety treatment that works for all of these types, which is why a medical doctor has to assess the patient to determine the type of anxiety he/she is suffering from. While the symptoms of anxiety may be the same, this does not mean that the same treatment will be effective for different individuals. Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress and it is possible that no treatment is needed.

It is quite common for people to become worried or anxious about a specific situation. They do know what they are worried about and recognize the symptoms of anxiety for what they are. In this way, they are able to deal with their feelings and symptoms without needing any anxiety treatment from a professional.  It is when the anxiety develops into something more serious that has an effect on the patients quality of life that a person has to seek treatment.

The doctor or psychiatrist discusses the symptoms with the patient and may even interview the family of the patient to get further information. It is essential to try to identify the root cause of the anxiety in order to determine the most effective method of treatment.  Patients who experience episodes of panic disorder are not typically able to pinpoint anything in particular that triggers these episodes that strike without warning.

Choosing the method of anxiety treatment for such a patient is usually done with a consultation between the doctor and the patient. In some cases, medication is used as a short term treatment and the patient is reassessed at regular intervals. Antidepressants are the most commonly prescribed medications for this type of anxiety. Patients with obsessive compulsive disorder have an uncontrollable need to repeat an action over and over.

They also have disturbing thoughts, which are called obsessions. Medication is often prescribed to help the patient feel better about different situations and to help control the thoughts. However, the most effective anxiety treatment for this disorder has been cognitive behavior therapy in which the patient is exposed to the source of the obsession and learns how to respond in a healthy manner.  This treatment helps to retrain the brain to respond in a different manner so that the person no longer feels compelled to repeat certain actions.

Anxiety treatment for generalized anxiety disorder involves teaching the patients techniques of self-help in which they can recognize the symptoms of panic and anxiety and calm themselves, thus reducing the symptoms. The treatment can consist of practicing daily relaxation techniques, making changes to ones lifestyle and practicing meditation.  There are also three types of medication prescribed for this type of anxiety, which include anti-anxiety drugs and antidepressants.

Psychological counseling is used as anxiety treatment for those suffering from social anxiety. At times, depending on how debilitating the disorder is in a patient, antidepressants may be prescribed to help reduce the symptoms of anxiety. Phobias are usually treated with exposure therapy in which the patient is exposed to the source of the fear with increasing frequency until the patient is able to cope when presented with the object, situation, or location


Following are great testimonials of well known and recognized celebrities as well as magazines provided by Wild Divine for your review.

"The Wild Divine is helping to transform our mass consciousness to one of peace and harmony through a very practical program that allows people to get in intimate touch with the innermost core of their being. To know that they have more power than they have ever realized, to know that they can influence what is happening in their body, in their mind, in their emotions, as well as in the world that they create everyday."

Deepak Chopra, M.D.
Author of the new release,
The Book of Secrets


"The Journey to the Wild Divine trains people to think and feel in new ways. To be more creative, more imaginative, and to inspire to a much larger awareness, one that is superbly equipped to deal with the complex changes of modern life.

Jean Houston, Ph.D.,
Author, The Possible Human

 "His Holiness the Dalai Lama thanks you for sending Him as a gift your interactive computer game for teaching compassion. He is pleased to know that modern technology is being used for the purpose of teaching compassion.

We are happy that you have sought the guidance of Nawang Khechog in producing this computer game."

Best wishes,
Tenzin Geyche Tethong, Secretary to
His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Office of H.H. the Dalai Lama

 "The Journey to the Wild Divine is more than a game, its a tool for the Mind-Body work we value. It certainly has proven so with me and its a hit with my patients. Its an outstanding product and since its amazingly inexpensive, I encourage my patients to use it as home practice. Its complex and challenging enough that no one has gotten tired of using it."

Thomas M. Brod, MD, Sr. Fellow, BCIA,
American Board, Psychiatry & Neurology

 "The anti-video game . . . a game where you get to be the Dalai Lama."

- Discover Magazine


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