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Current links below relating to Appraising, Automatic Musical Instruments, Appraisal Related Organizations and Collectors Societies

  • Mechanical Musical Digest (MMD) is a moderated forum, published daily on the Internet and distributed primarily by e-mail.  Feel free to read our publication and learn more about musical instruments that play themselves.  For more information click on the resource link provided.
  • Intertique Automated music show. Twice yearly show for vintage talking machines, music boxes, records and automated instruments. Newsletter archives and hundreds of items for sale.
  • The American Society of Appraisers is an international organization of appraisal professionals and others interested in the appraisal profession.  The oldest and only major appraisal organization representing all of the disciplines of appraisal specialists. ASA originated in 1936 and incorporated in 1952.  ASA's International Headquarters is in the metropolitan Washington D.C.. area.  The American Society of Appraisers is committed to fostering professional excellence in it membership through education, accreditation, publication and other services.  Its prestige is intended to contribute to the growth of its membership and to the appraisal profession.  For more information click on the resource link provided.
  • The Appraisal Foundation is a not-for-profit educational foundation established in 1987 to promote uniformity and professionalism in appraising.  The Appraisal Foundation is not a trade association nor does it offer any appraisal designation but continues to provide Appraisal Standards and Appraiser Qualifications which consists of a Board of Trustees currently composed of 32 individuals.  For more information click on the resource link provided
  • The Musical Box Society International is chartered as a non-profit educational institution.  Its purposes are: to establish and maintain a museum for the preservation and exhibition of automatic music; to foster a genuine interest in the collection, restoration and preservations of automatic music and to publish information thereon; to cooperate with individuals and with other organizations in exhibiting automatic music for the education of the public.  For more information click on the resource link provided.
  • Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors' Association  aims are to provide an organization for collectors of automated musical instruments, encourage the restoration of automatic musical instruments to a condition consistent with the intent of the manufacturer, acquaint collectors of services available, and to educate the public of the historical and cultural significance of automatic musical instruments.  For more information click on the resource link provided
  • Music Box Society of Great Britain formed in 1962, The Musical Box Society of Great Britain today has an international membership ranging from the USA through Switzerland (the accredited birthplace of the cylinder music box) to Asia and Australia.  The aim of the society is to further the interest in and an appreciation of all forms of mechanical music.  For more information click on the resource link provided.
  • Fair Organ Preservation Society is dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of the fairground organ, and other related mechanical musical instruments, and their music.  The object of the Society shall be the promotion  and encouragement of all forms of interest in, and the preservation of, Fair Organs and Mechanical Musical Instruments.  For more information click on the resource link provided.
  • Anderson Group International Specializing in Musical Instrument Insurance for Musicians, Dealers & Collectors. Low Rate, Significant Savings for Larger Schedules, "All Risk" Policy w/Worldwide Replacement Cost Coverage, Includes Coverage for Professional & Personal Use. Easy Online Application / 48 Business Hour Response.

Special links related to Music.

  • Violist - Eniko Magyar is increasingly recognized as the most promising young violist to have emerged from Hungary in recent years.
  • Recording Equipment  Whether you/'re looking to record yur band/'s first album or just map out your song comptetitions, World Music Supply can hook you up.  We offer recording equipment like multi track & portable recorders, studio monitors & tapes at best rates.
  • A&D Music Celebrating Our 25th Anniversary.  We specialize in providing service in the following areas; Appraisals, Rentals, and Repairs of Guitars, Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Vintage and Interntional Instrument Restorations. Contact us at A&D Music.

Current links relating to other aspects of, including, Shopping, Self Improvement, Biofeedback and other related appraisal areas other than personal property.

  • Official Best Loan -, A loan can be defined as a type of debt. is the best way to to find out information about official best loan which is nothing but a office loan.
  • Cheap Home Loans: My Loans specialise in providing wholesale home loan finance to consolidate debt. We specialise in providing flexible financial options for people who may not ift the lending criteria of the traditional financial institutions.  Contact us at
  • Credit Imparied Loans: One Financial provides to the clients with ongoing professional mortgage solutions. Contact us at
  • Mogami Cable - Spectrum Audio offers the highest quality Mogami Cable for your next audio project.  Mogami Cable is the standard in most quality recording studios worldwide.
  • The Home Income Portal - If you are seeking another way with which to earn extra income on the side no matter what business you are involved with, try The Home Income Portal. This is unique in that you actually have a team of individuals that work with your site.  If you don't know what to do, let the Home Income Portal professionals assist you and they do.  Take advantage of their ability to do what the guru's won't tell you. This is the only Income Producing site that is constantly being updated.  Unlike most that provide you a cookie cutter website, The Home Income Portal provides you a living, changing website. © 2007, all rights reserved!