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What Would You Change? If you had the opportunity to change your life and the way you currently are living, what would that include?  It is different for each individual according to their needs but there are as many correct answers as there are people on this planet, however there is always one important aspect of your life that specifically stands out enough that nudges you gently every day indicating there must be change.  Know this, you and you alone are the only person who can make that change.  You have the ability as well as the power and it will only happen through your efforts and willingness to make it happen.  Wishing for it will not make it happen. Sure others can help and assist you along the way and they do but as they say only you can make that decision to make it happen and come to fruition. Probably the most common response to What Would You Change is, I would like to be Wealthy with no financial concerns and have a healthy happier life without all the stress I am currently experiencing.

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One Area of Change.   How Important is Your Health?  It seems today that so much of our daily life is surrounded with how one feels.  There isn't a day that goes by that you are not hearing on the TV, radio, at the office, with a friend discussing how important it is for individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  You are daily bombarded with information talking about what you eat, do you exercise, how do you feel, do I look young is your cholesterol to high and so much more.  Sadly though for the majority of individuals that doesn't seem to be an issue and why is this? Most people will say if everything is going my way then I am just fine, they aren't thinking about tomorrow or the future.  If you basically have good health then in most instances you don't even give it a second thought, that is until something takes place or happens to change the way you feel.  However, as amazing as our bodies are and the way they truly continue to heal whatever might be going on inside each day, they are susceptible to our daily lifestyle and the way we live and it isn't just what we consume but it also includes our mental attitude.  Thank goodness though we are becoming more health conscious and that is good but what if it could be even better.  What if you could make a difference in your life by simply changing a few habits by what you do, would you be interested?  I believe so.

It All Begins At Home.
Are you aware that what you have in your home may be causing your current health to be jeopardized?  The things we consume internally or use externally can and is causing great harm to our bodies.  Please understand this is not meant to scare you but to make you aware.  There are ways which you can correct or at least change your way of thinking to help make a better, healthier, happier, life.  For instance, are you aware that you actually have Indoor Air Pollution created from household products?  There are numerous programs lately of commercials advertising air filtration systems and that is great but, what if that is only part of the larger problem? You need to get to the heart of the reason for this condition existing in the first place.  Please read this article that looks at the bigger picture, Indoor Air Pollution Fact Sheet: Household Products provided by the American Lung Association and see what they have to share.  I hope that you found this information valuable.  Women especially who are able to stay at home are at a greater risk and don't know it.  Day in and Day out you constantly are using products loaded with chemicals, harmful chemicals.  Still another concern should be your children, what possible toxins are causing health issues with them.  There are reports that address this issue too and again I ask you, read how serious this is because as we all are aware our Children are our future.  Please read this A Prescription to Better Serve Kids and see just how important it is for us to make sure this doesn't happen.  The question you should be asking yourself is, what can I do now to change my current situation?  I am glad you asked.  You already purchase products from your favorite store, brand names that you have trusted over the years, but what if you could purchase those same products for less and are safer and non-toxic, would you be interested?  Remember the products you currently are using especially those for cleaning your home are definitely having an affect on your health and you are not aware of it.  Why not make a difference and feel better too or as they say have peace of mind knowing you are making a change in your life.  There is no obligation, all I ask is that you take a look at an alternate more positive choice.  Just follow this link right here and you'll see what a difference this can make in your life.  Contact me and I will be happy to discuss this further, You Owe That To Your Health and Yourself.  Your Health Is So Important. Please for your own wellness consider this alternative.


This Just In, "Leading Free Radical Scientists Make Profound Discovery".  New Oligofructose Complex.  If you take vitamins as a daily routine to supplement your dietary needs then you owe it to your self to read more on this latest discovery.  Whether you feel all vitamins are the same or not, or whether they really affect your well being, please take the time to visit and learn more about Oligofructose Complex.  You will quickly learn not all vitamins are the same and the chances are pretty good, even those you may be taking or have been taking over the years cannot compare with what you will learn regarding Oligofructose Complex.  If you have any question Contact me and I will be happy to discuss further and questions you might have.

"USA Today": Article, Regarding Lindane, a regularly prescribed lice treatment and a sharp warning the FDA issued to drugmaker Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals.  You will want to read the full article to see what impact it could have on your life and what the potential consequences can be if one follows the recommended application. Be aware that the alternative solutions to Lindane offered may not be the correct choice either but there is a much safer choice and after you have read the press release please come back to this page and finish reading the next sentence.  If you are looking for a safer solution then just follow thislink right here and see there is a safer alternative solution.

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